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a lifestyle studio session

This type of session is comparable to the trending lifestyle sessions that take place in you home, except instead of having to worry about preparing your home, having the right props, worrying about lighting...you visit my studio where a lifestyle set up is ready, everything is taken care of, & you simply have to show up. Parent, family, & sibling shots are photographed with a more natural, cozy, "in home" vibe. This type of session concentrates more on capturing connections & all of the wonderful emotions you feel when bringing your new baby home & less on posed perfection.  Your little one is shot in simple, relaxed positions on a neutral colored blanket. The focus is on baby's unique details & their natural movement without the use of props.



Can CCRFinance offer or help design a holistic and comprehensive financing solution for my company situation now?

Yes. In our course of designing solutions for SMEs and Corporates, CCRFinance looks at solutions encompassing objectives across entities, product lines/units and geographies. CCRFinance has an existing platform network of more than 100+ financial institutions across 35 countries across the globe and a team of ex-bankers with decades of experience in the trade finance space. We leverage on the network, our team's vast pool of experience, and depth of knowledge to provide a right and best-fit outcome for your company.

Can CCRFinance faciliate the conversations and connections with existing and new banks?

Yes, with constant from your company, CCRFinance can facilitate the connection with existing and new banks, and act as a conversation facilitator for your transactions, where needed.

How can CCRFinance help in getting better terms on the facilities that I have with my existing banks?

In our decades of working with banks and our relationships with different financial institutions, we have built up a deep understanding of their market perspectives, commercial objectives and risk thresholds. This understanding will enable CCRFinance to engage the banks (existing or otherwise) to help your company obtain a balanced and fair outcome.